Understanding alcohol and cannabis and their differences

Many people draw lines from alcohol to cannabis, and they compare them, saying that they are similar or even same. Comparing these two and gaining some useful results is hard and throughout this article that failure to distinguish these two will be present. Now, don’t jump the gun and start writing about many comparison writings that include these two and which come up with some interesting conclusions.



Physiological Effects Of Alcohol And Cannabis

Now, don’t jump the gun and start writing about many comparison writings that include these two and which come up with some interesting conclusions. The majority of those findings explain the essential difference between these two things and they rarely find some connections. For example, if you compare physiological effects of alcohol and cannabis you will find that they work differently and that there isn’t a real connection between them except that both affect the brain. Now, we have explained the comparison of these two things, and we can move towards explaining how alcohol and cannabis work.


The Alcohol has its strongest influence on the brain. It affects the way person perceives their surroundings and situations, and it makes it hard to stay in control of the actions. It also dulls the ability to make decisions, and it may turn bad decisions into viable choices. Alcohol is also known to affect mood, and it can cause an array of emotions, including anger that may lead to aggression.

Your body absorbs the alcohol through the stomach, and unlike the food, it doesn’t have to be digested. This means that it reaches bloodstream in very short time, a fifth of the alcohol starts working immediately, and your tissue absorbs the majority of the rest. Alcohol has several different effects on both the body and mind. It dulls a part of the brain that regulates the motor functions, and thus it becomes hard to control your body. It may also cause various physical effects that include vomiting. Inability to correctly pronounce words and blurred visions are also the way in which alcohol works.

Another effect the alcohol is known to cause is the blackout. This means that the person who drank too much loses the memory of the events that happened during the previous night. A blackout can be mild, where a person forgets small portions of time, and it can also be severe, where a person can’t remember anything from the previous night.

How Alcohol Affects On Your Body

Different types of alcoholic drinks may affect the way a person reacts when they drink too much. It also determines the pace at which a person reaches the “too much” point. Drinking beer is a good way to enjoy the night and not get drunk too fast. Cocktails and mixing drinks are two ways to get drunk fast. Spirits are also dangerous, and they speed up the onset of drunkenness.


Cannabis is an illegal (legal in several states as well as countries) plant that is considered as a drug due to the way it affects the body and the brain. In those states where legal, marijuana may be purchased from a premium cannabis dispensary. Similarly to alcohol, the cannabis affects the brain, but its effects on the body are non-existent. Marijuana doesn’t affect same parts of the brain as the alcohol and therefore its side-effects are different.


Different strains of marijuana will work differently on the brain. Some will enhance certain senses; others may dull them and so on. When a person ingests marijuana, they feel light headedness, as well as haziness and that, can last for hours. Overall happiness and satisfaction are also side-effects of cannabis, and panic and paranoia may occur as well. Marijuana has certain effects on mood, but in most cases, the overall mood of a person determines the way marijuana will affect them. Smoking cannabis while being scared of something and on the verge of panic will enhance those feelings, so don’t use it while in that state of mind. In order to make sure you have a quality high be sure to find premium marijuana products from a local Redmond marijuana store if you live in Washington.  Quality cannabis will help to ensure your smoke is pure and free of any unwanted additives.