Long And Short Term Health Consequences

Both of these vices (marijuana and alcohol) have short-term and long-term effects on the health. We will address direct ways through which these two affect the health, and we will leave indirect ways for later.

Don’t listen to people who tell you that marijuana doesn’t influence the health in a negative way. One a person smokes cannabis the increase in blood pressure and heart rate is imminent. A person can’t overdose on pot, but they may suffer some health issues if they already have problems with increased heart rate or blood pressure. Marijuana also impairs balance and coordination which may lead to accidents and injuries.

Binge drinkingWhen it comes to health, alcohol has more severe effects. A person can die from binge drinking, even if they have drinking experience. Binge drinking can cause the inability to metabolize alcohol in the body, and this can shut down various parts of the brain. This includes those responsible for respiration and heartbeat.  There is a significant similarity between the way alcohol is metabolized and the way other more severe drugs are metabolized. This means that mixing alcohol with drugs and medications can cause side-effects that can harm the body. Drinking while being on medication can either increase or decrease the effects of those drugs (drugs as well).

Long-term health consequences of alcohol are known well. Heavy drinking can cause a plethora of medical conditions and it also can lead to other threatening issues. Alcoholic liver disease is just one of many medical conditions that are a direct result of heavy drinking. Many conditions that are caused by alcohol lead to life-threatening conditions, including liver cancer. It all depends on the people and their bodies. Some people have predispositions to certain diseases, and heavy drinking will increase the risk. In some other cases, the alcohol acts as the primary factor that instigates a medical condition.

marijuanaLong-term health consequences of cannabis use are still unknown. The lack of research that is caused by the illegality of the marijuana prevents long-term research and therefore there isn’t evidence that can pinpoint the exact effects of marijuana. Long-term use of marijuana may (or may not) worsen already existing psychiatric issues. Some evidence also indicated that long-term use of cannabis could have negative effects on reproduction, but there isn’t enough data to reach a conclusion. Some also suggest the increased risk of lung cancer, but, once again, there isn’t conclusive evidence to support that because many marijuana users smoke cigarettes that do increase the possibility of lung cancer.